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Ken Kralick relocated back to Minneapolis after 5 years in Colorado and quickly found a good fit as Lead SEO with the team at First Scribe. Ken's education led him through engineering and communications which gives him an odd mix of skills. The split personality pushed him to technical writing, web site design, development and ASP programming. This big-picture view of the Internet is a great benefit to Search Engine Optimization.  There is no reputable degree in SEO. Only years of big-picture Internet trial & error, which is something Ken has plenty of. He was selling computers and "dialing up" in 1989 and working on searchable XML content in 1997. Ken is an Omniture Certified Professional for both Implementation and Support. Ken is also a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Ken's responsibilities fall in between the other specialties at First Scribe:•Design - Each design must be conducive to search engine spidering. •Development - Programming can decisively help or harm search engine performance. •Traffic & Data analysis •Keyword analysis •Competitive research •Pay Per Click Marketing •Internet Marketing - Email marketing, usability, sales/conversion & consultation  Ken enjoys indoor activities like reading newspapers, watching movies and renovating his old house. He spends any available free time fly fishing, hunting and skiing.

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